Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Life at 37 weeks

37 weeks! It's hard to believe its here: baby girl is officially full term! I can still remember when I first found out and started researching pregnancy; this time felt like a lifetime away, and now I'm here!

Baby Girl could arrive anytime now and I have now entered this strange time of waiting, prepping, planning, trying to remain patient, savoring last moments, wishing time would go faster, being anxious about what's to come, excited to hold my baby...and so much more. And I generally feel all of this at the same time. 

I'm really trying to remain calm and savor the last days of my pregnancy, to smile when I feel her (not so little) body move inside mine and to remember exactly how it felt to have my baby so close to me. But, inevitably after nine long months I am SO excited and eager to meet my little girl, plus start to get my body back to "normal" again. 

I think about what she will look like, what I will feel like when I first see her face, when I hold her for the first time. I think about how I'll feel when I see her Daddy hold her for the first time and what it will be like to bring this little one home, completely dependent on us for everything. I can't wait to share her name with everyone and to introduce her to special people in her life. 

(These photos were actually taken last week at 36 weeks)

I've been trying to stay busy these last couple of weeks and not go crazy. I still feel like I have alot to do to be "ready" for baby girl's arrival, although in reality I am ready, everything I'm doing now is just extras. I've been going a little crazy with making hair bows and flowers for her. She will like headbands, she doesn't have a choice!

I've been working on some last nursery decorations. I can't wait to share her completed nursery after she is born, it's been such a labor of love for me and a really soothing process of creating and crafting. And I really LOVE how it has come together. This was my first room to completely decorate and furnish from scratch and I loved the process. I'm sure it won't look as amazing as the nurseries on pinterest but it's filled with items I love and that's perfect. 

Did a little bit of cookie baking and discovered this amazing oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe. It is most definitely NOT healthy but the cookies are so good. 
I've definitely been craving cookies and chocolate lately.

I embarked on my third year of growing plants on the back porch. I don't usually end up having much luck but this year I am very determined to do a good job with my plants and have been tending to them daily. So far they are growing well. I decided on basil, of course, and a patio tomato plant. I'm excited to see the progress of the basil and looking forward to my first harvest later this week and hopefully some yummy pesto. And unexpectedly I have three tomatoes growing on my little plant! I'm really enjoying this daily outdoor activity and seeing the visual progress of what I'm growing. It made me laugh to realize that in the picture above I actually captured THREE different things I'm growing. Good thing I'm doing better at growing my baby than I have done in the past with plants! 

Three tomatoes are growing!

Last week we celebrated our 3 year anniversary with a nice evening out together. It didn't exactly go as planned thanks to the crazy Oklahoma weather but despite having to cancel our dinner reservations downtown we still had a great dinner and evening together. 

My surprise gift for Will, sneakily purchased while we were in Nashville. I hope it brings him a smile while he's drinking coffee at work!

Flowers from Will.