Thursday, April 26, 2012

Once a Week

Now that I'm officially in my post-Boston life, I've been a bit at a loss and I've decided that setting a few non-running goals might help with this. My first and most immediately goal centers around cooking and eating healthfully and also branching out with my cooking. So, with that, I decided to try cooking one NEW and HEALTHY recipe per week and reporting on the success or failure so that I can learn more and start growing as a cook.

Last night's new recipe was cumin-spiced fish tacos with avocado mango salsa and black beans from Cooking Light magazine. It was fairly easy and not too far off of what I normally cook and was really delicious too. I have been craving mexican food since coming back from Boston and I LOVE avocado, combined with trying to eat lighter and include more fish and this was perfect.

I charred the cumin seeds in a pan, then ground in my spice grinder along with the other spices, added minced garlic and spread onto the tilapia, which is cooked in a pan on the stove. The salsa was super easy to make and just involved a lot of chopping. I tried to follow the recipe exactly and measured everything out just as the recipe says, but next time would just wing it since any kind of salsa measurements are easy to eyeball. The black beans were just from a can but I feel like black beans are a must with tacos.

Overall, this was a great recipe and it passed the husband test who really enjoyed it! I'll definitely be making this one again!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Boston Marathon

I haven't really fully wrapped my head around the fact that I ran the Boston Marathon last week. I'm still trying to put words to what the entire experience was like for me and I'll go into so much more detail soon in a full post, but until then I wanted to share a few photos that describe my marathon experience! It was an amazing day and I'm so lucky to have had the opportunity to run such a historic race.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

12 on the 12th: April

This month I decided to have some fun documenting my life and participate in the 12 on the 12th project. So, here are 12 photos from the 12th of April. I really enjoy the process of sharing a normal day in my life. All of my photos were taken on my iPhone and edited with Instagram. I am obsessed with Instagram and love sharing little snapshots of my life and how it pushes me to see more photographically in everyday situations. I really enjoyed this project and will definitely do it again next month!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm Featured!!

I'm so excited to share this!! I'm featured on the blog, Carrots n' Cake in the Boston Marathon runners profile! See me here! A couple weeks ago my friend Meagan (check out her blog here) sent me a link and suggested I send in my photo and story to be featured. I figured nothing would happen, but after reading through the blog I was hooked and thought it would be really cool to be featured, so I sent in my info. I was delighted to find out yesterday that I'm featured along with some other really amazing ladies who are also running the Boston Marathon. I am continually amazed by the running community and how running creates bonds between so many different people! 

And, since we're talking about the Boston's now SIX days away. Less than a week to go! I'm going crazy with tapering, nerves and excitement. It's all I can think about. Saturday was my last long run before the race. The work has been done and training is complete. It's time to run!

Yesterday at work I made a paper chain to count down the days until a coworker's birthday. I love paper chains so I had to make a (really) short one for Boston! 

Also, Sunday was Easter and to celebrate the end of no desserts for Lent I baked us a blueberry pie. Since my race is only a week away, I decided that one slice was enough, but Will has been raving about it (and helping himself to large pieces every night!) so I'm thinking it's a success! I love baking and I've missed it!