Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm Featured!!

I'm so excited to share this!! I'm featured on the blog, Carrots n' Cake in the Boston Marathon runners profile! See me here! A couple weeks ago my friend Meagan (check out her blog here) sent me a link and suggested I send in my photo and story to be featured. I figured nothing would happen, but after reading through the blog I was hooked and thought it would be really cool to be featured, so I sent in my info. I was delighted to find out yesterday that I'm featured along with some other really amazing ladies who are also running the Boston Marathon. I am continually amazed by the running community and how running creates bonds between so many different people! 

And, since we're talking about the Boston Marathon...it's now SIX days away. Less than a week to go! I'm going crazy with tapering, nerves and excitement. It's all I can think about. Saturday was my last long run before the race. The work has been done and training is complete. It's time to run!

Yesterday at work I made a paper chain to count down the days until a coworker's birthday. I love paper chains so I had to make a (really) short one for Boston! 

Also, Sunday was Easter and to celebrate the end of no desserts for Lent I baked us a blueberry pie. Since my race is only a week away, I decided that one slice was enough, but Will has been raving about it (and helping himself to large pieces every night!) so I'm thinking it's a success! I love baking and I've missed it!

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