Thursday, February 14, 2013

12 on the 12th...or some shots of my life

Life recently for me.
A yellow stripy bump...21 weeks

Shadows in baby girl's nursery. I love how light filled and happy it is in this room and I can't wait to hold her and play with her in this room.

My bedside table.

My favorite scarves.

Little kitty stretches

My favorite living room rug.

Loving the look of my new fireplace. Saving a spot in my favorite frame for someone very special.

Still love the beautiful chevron afghan my Grandma made me.

Baby Girl's first camera.

A pile of baby things to organize.

Kitty love.

I eat strange combinations of food for lunch these days.

 My kitchen is perpetually messy.

Paint samples for the nursery. If you're wondering, I picked the bottom right square.

Life at home with my love. A regular night.

A regular evening dinner at home.

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