Friday, November 4, 2011

Margarita Pizza

I was given a pizza stone awhile ago but haven't really been able to utilize it to it's fullest because I haven't had a pizza peel, but my wonderful Mom got me my very own peel for my birthday in September and I was finally able to play around with the pizza stone. I've been experimenting with crust recipes and finally settled on one that I really enjoy that seems like a "real" pizza crust. A couple weeks ago my training partner and friend gave me a bunch of basil from her garden and I knew exactly what I had to make! My first ever attempt at a Margarita Pizza and my first time to use the pizza peel and stone was a success but not without some stress, but the end result was a delicious tasting pizza which myself and my fellow pizza tester (husband) happily ate for dinner while watching a football game!

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