Monday, April 1, 2013

The last couple of weeks...

Also known as weeks 25 - 27. I've been a little slow at updating and putting up photos lately and it seems like time is going by so fast these days. I cannot believe I'm already in my third trimester...woah. It feels like it hasn't been that long since we found out but this is such an exciting step and I can definitely start to think about our little one being here very soon. There's no mistaking that I'm pregnant now, and also not much sneaking into regular clothes either, as much as I still try haha! I'm feeling both very excited about how soon our little one will be here and a little nervousness about how much we have yet to do to prepare for her arrival. I've been a big maker of lists lately and that seems to help me stay calm!
I've been feeling really great lately! Everyone asks how I'm doing an honestly I'm feeling pretty darn good. There are, of course, minor aches and pains but nothing that I didn't anticipate or that is really worth mentioning here. I'm still running which I think helps tremendously and while it certainly doesn't get easier to run I've really fallen into a good routine and I'm finding that my body is capable of much more than I think. The whole idea that pregnant women are weak and need to be coddled is so silly...womens' body's are crazy tough and I'm glad to be able to continually keep myself strong and active. Recently I've ran an 8k race and a 5k race, both at a faster pace than I imagined I could do and was pleasantly surprised with how my body felt in response to the activity. Yes, I was tired but I also never felt exhausted or that my breathing/heart rate got too high. I found that my aerobic and leg strength are still there and while I'm not running even close to the same times I used to be, I'm running decently and I'm so encouraged for my return to competitive running! My 8k (5 miles) time was 45 minutes or about 9 min per mile and my 5k was 25:30 minutes which is a little over 8 minutes per mile pace. I was also the 2nd overall female in this (very small) 5k, which I found to be pretty darn funny. I didn't run across the line backwards so technically I was the third female to cross the line!

Finishing the Wings to Fly 5k in El Reno

Running with baby! My littlest running partner.

At home we've been busy preparing the house and getting some of those final remodel to-dos crossed off the list. The house needs just a couple more photos hung and shelves organized and then a MAJOR cleaning and I think I'll be ready to share an extensive look at our newly remodeled home with plenty of before pictures as well. Below are just a couple snapshots from some of my efforts this weekend.

We took a major step towards officially becoming parents this weekend when we put together Baby Girl's crib. Although she won't sleep in her crib immediately, I just love seeing it set up in her room and it makes me even more excited to start getting all her decorations in order. I have lots of crafting projects planned to create various wall hangings and decor. It seems like my version of nesting is crafting which I'm sure comes at a huge disappointment to my husband since crafting seems to make the house messier and more unorganized...but it makes me super happy so hopefully he sees the benefits! I've also become hugely obsessed with quilting and making blankets for Baby Girl. I won't go into too much detail since I want to dedicate an entire post to my quilt making adventures.

 Daddy did a great job!

 Besides preparing our house and running, we haven't been doing too much. I'm enjoying alot of time spent together just the two of us and quiet evening together. I'm savoring every quiet breakfast together and relaxing post-run lounging because I know things will be very different soon. I'm so excited for the change but also savoring the remaining time 12 weeks or so that we have together and trying to enjoy little moments together.

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