Wednesday, May 1, 2013

2013 OKC Memorial Marathon

The OKC Memorial Marathon is one of the very best days of the year! Although this year I wasn't able to train intensely or even run the full marathon, it was still a very enjoyable training season and it seemed to go by so quickly. Although sometimes it was hard, for the most part I enjoyed the different perspective on training while pregnant and having to run much slower and shorter distances. I was continually reminded of how much I love to run and how grateful I am to have a healthy body.

32 weeks pregnant. 13.1 miles. Feeling awesome.

The morning of the marathon was a bit hectic and despite a "warmup jog" to get to gear check and then to the start corral, we managed to make it and started the race just fine. I was so glad to have my running partner Brooke with me; it was so much more fun with a friend, especially one who understood how I felt at certain points (like the half turnoff). We took it easy and ran a fairly steady pace, only walking the 3 major hills on the half course. I really enjoyed being a part of the race and Brooke really enjoyed hearing and seeing peoples' reactions to me and my large belly. I know she wished she could tell people she had a baby just 8 short weeks ago (although she doesn't look like it which I say is a good thing). I seemed to be in my own world and miss most of the good comments but I did feel pretty awesome about what I was doing the whole time. 

Our finish photo!

It wasn't easy and I know the half was the right distance for me, but I felt strong the whole way and had a great run! It warmed up a bit more than I would have liked towards the end, causing me to take in more fluids, and thus require a second bathroom stop on Classen, but overall it was a great race and it felt awesome to cross the finish line! I know Brooke was so happy to get to hold Allison at the finish! We had fun taking our 8 week to go/old photos at the finish. I know we're both ready to get back to training and competitive running again, but this was a really fun way to celebrate where we are right now!

Will ran the full marathon and had a great race. He ran strong and steady the whole way and ended up finishing faster than he planned. Which meant we missed him at the finish, but my friend did catch this great photo of him with about a mile to go. He finished with a time of 3:39; very strong! This was his first marathon back from injury and I'm so proud of how he handled his training to stay injury free and return in the best possible shape. While it wasn't a PR for him, I know that he will come back even stronger in upcoming marathons.

A few photos from marathon weekend:

A reminder of why we run.

Early in the race we saw our running buddy Chuck. He said "look pregnant!"

Yeah she's my Shalane and I'm her Kara or vice versa. So lucky to have such a great friend!

It was slow and only a half, but I really enjoyed this race with my Baby Girl.

Cute mama and baby at the finish

Our little running family! Cannot wait til our little girl is here and can share in the fun of race days!

Will and Brian who ran the half in 1:59. He had a tough race but stayed strong.

I have to tilt my camera at a weird angle now to just get shoes in the photo

Some really tasty post run treats. 


  1. Hooray! I hope you know how incredibly impressive this is. Seriously amazing, and while I know it was tough for you not to be in the marathon this is an amazing feat and I'm completely awestruck by it. Congratulations to you all!