Tuesday, May 14, 2013


The weeks have continue to fly by! With so much look forward to this time of year and lots of fun weekend activities, it's no wonder time is going by fast. I always feel a little let down after the incredible high of marathon weekend but I wasn't down for long. Thankfully the weather has been mostly staying spring-like (except for a real bummer weekend two weeks ago). I'm staying busy with spring family photo shoots, which I love! It's getting a bit harder and more tiring but as long as I pace myself I'm completely fine and still get so much joy from hanging out with and photographing families!

Baby Girl continues to grow bigger each week and sometimes it feels like she's bigger overnight. I love feeling the change in her movements. She's measuring perfectly and everything seems to be going well - I am so thankful! Now that she's getting really big I can feel her whole body move. My favorite is when she pushes her little feet out. I love this feeling! As my due date approaches I'm feeling torn. I'm getting ready to have my old body back and not be so big and uncomfortable (really I don't feel bad most of the time so I know I'm lucky!) but I also know I will really miss this time. I love feeling her move inside me, knowing she's safe, protected and all mine right now. I don't have to share her with anyone, protect her from scary things or worry about where she is! Very shortly she will be here and I will be overjoyed, but I will also miss our special time together.

 In just over a week two days, we will be heading out on our epic road trip adventure (because every woman in her late 3rd trimester wants to take a 12 hour roadtrip, right?). So maybe I'm a little crazy, but I'm also very excited. I love the adventure and excitement of road trips and really looking forward to seeing my good friends and celebrating love with a wedding in Nashville!  

Recently: I've been washing alot of teeny little girl clothes, doing some cooking and baking and alot more eating! Falafel at Gyros, Etc (amazing), sushi and iced (decaf of course) coffee. We celebrated my Mom's birthday with pink cupcakes and dinner. It hailed alot! I purchased what I consider the most essential piece of baby gear: my running stroller, we received the most amazing wedding invitation (hoping I'm not having a baby during their wedding!) and I was able to watch some of the state track meet. I miss running fast!  Profile photos are weeks 31, 32 and 33. Time really is going by fast!! 

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