Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Goals

I think I try this every year, like everyone else, but I can't let too many days in January go by without somehow writing down and acknowledging my goals and dreams.

Allow God to guide my life and accept His presence more in my life

Warren Home Renovation 2012: make the house I live in feel like OUR HOME

Become more focused with work and my business

Allow myself to learn more and grow; don't be afraid to take risks and do scary things to grow

Continue working towards confidence in my own personal style of photography and confidence in myself and my abilities as a photographer

Seek out other photographers and establish relationships: mentors and peers in the industry

Find and attend a conference or learning opportunity to grow myself and my business (WPPI Conference)
*I'm attending WPPI 2012

Blog twice a week on a regular basis


Run a sub-3:30 marathon
*I ran 3:29:35 at the Houston Marathon, January 15, 2012

Enjoy every moment (even the mile 25 moments) of running the Boston Marathon for the first time

Cook more new recipes and try more new ingredients all with the goal of eating healthfully and wholesome foods to strengthen our bodies

Cook more asian influenced meals on a regular basis

Eat and think of food in a more body-conscious way, consider food as a fuel for my health

Avoid "death by hard drive" of my personal photography

Spend more time (whether in person or on the phone) with friends - don't allow my great relationships with friends to fall away


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  1. May you achieve your goals for the year. Relish every bit of Boston, it's one of a kind, and you are one of a kind for qualifying.