Sunday, January 8, 2012

Training and Houston

Well, it's here. It's that crazy, exciting, nervous time I refer to as race week. In less than seven days I will be running the Houston Marathon. I'm excited, but a little nervous. This race will be a first for me because it is a race that is not following my typical spring/fall marathon schedule. In fact, this is the first time I will run a marathon on less than the full 16 weeks of training. Of course, I wasn't slacking off since a little over 10 weeks ago I ran the St. Louis marathon, but I'm still interested to see how things go. I'm hoping for a PR (but not expecting one) and redemption (as in running a more strategic and smart race) after my lackluster performance in St. Louis. I know I've put in the effort, despite not always following the training plan. The first few weeks of training were pretty rocky as I recovered from a wicked case of bronchitis that showed up the morning of the St. Louis marathon (horrible timing!) and just feeling down after a disappointing marathon. I questioned my training tactics, my abilities and my reasons for running marathons. But, after a couple strong and hard weeks of training I began to feel more confident in my running and again feeling that love of running. Now, just a week out from Houston I am excited and confident but cautious. In St. Louis I approached the marathon expecting to PR and when I didn't do that and struggled almost the entire race, I was so confused. I learned not to expect a PR so easily in the marathon. I'm looking forward to a good race and enjoying the experience; a PR isn't expected but would be nice. I can't wait to watch and be inspired by the amazing marathon women (and men) running in the Olympic Trials marathon the day before the race. I'm ready to run smart and hard. I'm ready to push my body to the limits. I'm ready to lose feeling in my toes for a few miles...if that's what it takes! And I'm ready for the result, whether good or bad. Happy Running!

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