Sunday, May 6, 2012

New Bike

I got a new bike! And I LOVE it!

I know very little about biking, but I'm learning and loving it! Thankfully I have a good coach (who is also my running partner) to ride with who is teaching me the basics. I love how strong I feel after riding and I know it's going to improve my running, not to mention that it's really fun! And it gets me out of the house more often while keeping my body healthy and not overworked from too much running. I'm so looking forward to this summer and riding often. I'm hoping to start riding more, gain more confidence and strength and then be able to go on some longer rides. I think it will be so fun to ride to a decently far away small town and finish the ride with a yummy breakfast (and a ride home from Will).

Hopefully soon I will be able to make some adjustments and improvements to my bike. I need to fix the handlebar tape and I want to add clip-in pedals (meaning I will need to get shoes as well). I am also looking out for a bike rack to make transportation easier. 

It's going to be a FUN summer!

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