Sunday, May 6, 2012

New Recipe Report: Week 2

This week I once again turned to Cooking Light for my new recipe for the week. I chose another Mexican style meal, but this week it was something much more outside of my comfort zone than last week. I made pork, plantain and black bean enchiladas with tomatillo puree and they were amazing! The recipe was fairly complicated and the meal itself took a good hour+ to put together with many different things to focus on but I was able to make it all come together.

First, I seasoned and browned the pork in a pan then transferred to the oven. Next, cooked the tomatillos with seasonings and chicken stock on the stove to soften and also cooked the black beans on the stove. Once the tomatillos had cooked and cooled I added some additional ingredients and blended. The beans were blended as well but left thicker. I chopped up the plantain, tossed with brown sugar and red pepper and then cooked on the stove. I had never cooked or even bought a plantain before and was pleasantly surprised to find them at my grocery store. I think mine was possibly a little under-ripe but having never worked with a plantain before I wasn't for sure.

I chopped the plantain smaller, cut up the pork and put that along with the beans into 8" whole wheat tortillas, added cheese and covered with the tomatillo purree. They were amazing and tasted both delicious and healthy at the same time, meaning I didn't feel guilty indulging in these. They made great leftovers for lunch the next day!

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