Sunday, May 13, 2012


We bought a new car!! 
That's us at the Subaru dealership getting our new car!

A Subaru Forester! Dark Gray Metallic, AWD with a huge panoramic sunroof and bluetooth. 
(Plus lots of other stuff that is cool, but those are the details I appreciate the most!)
This is my very first NEW car to own. Up until now my cars have been hand-me-downs (think Mazda 323) or new to me cars (not that I didn't love my old cars, especially my Mazda Protege - thanks Mom).

I think the Subaru logo is so pretty. You're probably rolling your eyes the same way Will does as he reminds me that the logo design of a car is hardly the most important feature ;)

In case you are wondering - this is the view from the enormous sunroof!

Dual exhaust...nice! And a trailer hitch (for my soon to come bike rack!)
Tough and rugged!

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