Sunday, June 3, 2012


May has been an interesting month for me so far. I've had to adjust to life post-Boston and figure out what the heck I'm doing with my life. It's really clear now that I defined my life through my goal of running in the Boston marathon. With that goal accomplished, I'm left wondering what's next for me.

Trying new recipes (one per week, and I love it!) Made my first homemade pesto and was surprised at how ridiculously easy it was. How have I let myself be intimidated by this ingredient for so long?

Baking project (40 cookies!): Thanks Brooke for a therapeutic baking day last week that made me feel better and inspired me.

Attempting house organization (first step, clearing out the clutter in our closets!)


Driving my new car. A beautiful, dark gray Subaru Forester that I LOVE!

Running a lot but with no specific goal in mind (really enjoying running for the joy of running!)

Trying to get in great shape (P90X-style...ha!) for my 10 year High School reunion in June (Am I THAT old?)

Home renovation plans are beginning - picked out a paint color I think I'm settled on and I am very close to picking out a tile.

Goal of growing basil and now rosemary on my back porch...wish me luck! (They've survived a few weeks now!)

THUNDERING UP and cheering for the Thunder in the playoffs! BEAT LA! BEAT THE SPURS!

Drinking a lot of coffee. And iced coffee.

Back to cooking pizzas again. Bought a new book at this amazing bookstore in San Francisco called "My Pizza" by Jim Lahey which has inspired me to try new things.

Trying to brainstorm new personal and professional photo projects for this summer and really trying to stick with them!

Heading to San Francisco for a fun filled weekend visit with my best friend LizAnne and her fiancé, Josh. We had an amazing time with them (more on our trip in a future post)

Celebrating two years of marriage to my love, Will in our usual style: homemade pizza, ice cream + cookies and a Thunder game (too bad they lost!)

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