Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Oh Baby!

I've been trying to start this post a hundred times and just never have the right words to say. Finally, I realized I would never know the perfect way to talk about our exciting news so I'm just going to say it. 

We're having a baby!  

We found out mid-October and it's been amazing ever since! I'm so incredibly happy and excited. These ultrasound photos were taken at my 13 week appointment; it was so wonderful to see my little one bouncing around in there looking great. I can't even describe the love I already feel for this little one!

 I had a run a marathon the week before we found out, so I thought nothing of it when I was a couple days late and my tiredness was appropriately attributed to running a fast marathon. I finally decided to take a test. Seeing those two lines was such a shock; I couldn't even believe it at first! 

We are having a BABY and baby has already ran a marathon, pretty cool!

I was really nervous the first few weeks until we got to see our little bean in there. The next few weeks passed in a blur of exhaustion and nausea. It's incredible how quickly my body has changed as this little one grows inside me! I'm happy to still be running, although much slower and fewer miles per week, but I feel good continuing to exercise and I know it's good! I'm now 15 weeks, our little one is the size of a naval orange and growing quickly and so am I! I can't believe the changes my body is going through.
We are looking forward to many fun weeks and months ahead on this wonderful journey. In just a few short weeks we will find out the gender and hopefully soon I will feel some movement, I cannot wait! After a long absence here on this blog, I plan to update regularly and share how things are going along the way.

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