Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Currently I'm 18 weeks and overall feeling really good. Some days are better than others but I really can't complain and I'm excited for what's to come!

Random, 18 week outtake 

I ran 10 miles the past two weekends and feeling good. I'm hoping to run 12 miles (and the longest I intend to run until the half marathon) this weekend. Would like to maintain between 8-12 miles as my long run mileage. I took my first spin class and enjoyed it. I was able to go my own pace and rest when I needed but it makes me feel stronger and hope it will help with my return. I'm still adjusting to my rapidly changing body and suddenly having a real pregnant belly. It's very fun but I am constantly in awe of how quickly the changes happen!

I'm tired a lot but luckily I seem to have the 2nd trimester energy because I'm feeling more normal most of the time. I try to get things done when I can and not feel guilty when I lay around and sleep. I have lately been incredibly lacking any motivation to clean, organize or decorate which is definitely slowing down the finishing phase of our remodel. Hopefully I'll have more energy for this project soon because I know I'll want to have it done before June!

16 weeks

I'm currently stressing and obsessing about my plan for 2013 memory keeping for our family. I've looked at a lot of different ideas and narrowed down to two different methods. If you know me at all then you know I have to have consistency in my projects and I'm a huge perfectionist. I can't start anything unless I'm certain things are right...which is why I haven't started this project yet :) Hopefully I'll have my photos organized digitally by the end of this week (a huge 2013 goal) and I can start to tackle this project.

17 weeks

Totally random, I just thought they were cute

I'm eating ALOT, struggling to cook all our meals at home and tending to eat out more, but trying new things to expand baby's palate (Indian food last weekend!) For the first time in weeks I planned a weekly menu and put it up on our chalkboard. Until now it seemed that I didn't have the energy to take on this usual weekly task.

16 Weeks: ranch dressing and veggies, ketchup and fries and pasta with alfredo sauce
17 Weeks: hint of lime potato chips, chocolate ice cream
18 Weeks: Food in general but really anything spicy and pizza

18 weeks

I am REALLY looking forward to tomorrow and finding out what we are having. I think this is the third most anticipated and waited for day, third only behind the day I saw those two pink lines and the day I finally hold our little babe in my arms! I'm so excited about planning our little one's nursery and beginning to talk about names and getting to do some shopping! I can't wait to share if we'll be buying hair bows or bow ties in the future :)

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