Friday, July 13, 2012

12 on the 12th: July

This 12 on the 12th is a slight bit of a compilation of days so I must admit that not all of these photos were technically taken on the 12th, but all of my days this week have seemed to run together so I felt it was ok this month to sneak a couple in to better tell the story of what's been going on for me lately. And, well, the house remodel is the big deal right now. It's a really overwhelming project, but I'm eager and excited to tackle it. This week the big accomplishments were removing the wallpaper in the kitchen and painting the fireplace and mantle. It's amazing what one little change will do for the look of a room. We have so much more to go on the remodel, but it's motivating to see progress. I'm lucky to have a wonderful friend who is as excited about the projects as I am and has been a big help and who patiently listens to me "talk out" all my design decisions. The next steps are removing the baseboards and painting the whole house, and at the end of the month our flooring will be torn out and replaced. I cannot wait! 

Photos left to right:

1) Removing kitchen wallpaper
2) Light falling on the concrete floors
3) My kitty and I snuggled a lot since Will was out of town this week
4) Chocolate pudding oreo pie for dinner with friends. I had my wisdom teeth taken out last Friday and I've been craving chocolate pudding
5) Kitchen with wallpaper completely gone!
6) White paint going up on the fireplace
7) A huge piece of the big pieces
8) Fireplace before (I hated the yellow!)
9) Fireplace after (I LOVE the white and black!)
10) Lunch
11) Cozy kitty
12) PAINT!! Can't wait to get started on the transformation!

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