Monday, July 2, 2012

My Aunt Jennie

I've been working up to this post for awhile now and just haven't seemed to be able to get the words out. Last month my Aunt Jennie passed away after a long and difficult battle with cancer. All those who knew her will remember her as a kind, caring and thoughtful person who was beautiful on the inside and out. She loved her family and enjoyed nothing more than being a wife and mother to my two wonderful cousins. I don't remember my family without my Aunt Jennie; she started dating my Uncle when I was very young. I do remember their wedding day very clearly as I had the very important job of Junior Bridesmaid and at 9 years old that was quite a big deal! Jennie was beautiful as ever on her wedding day and the 19 years she was married to my uncle and a part of my family she brought nothing but joy and love to everyone. I can't imagine family functions without her now, but I know she's gone to a better place and imagine her up there with my dad and all those that have gone on before us, looking down and laughing as we continue to enjoy life. That is, of course, what she would have wanted.

Her funeral and memorial were beautiful and heartfelt and it was clear that she was loved by so many. It was a very difficult time for me as I worked through my grieving and sense of loss. This was my first very close family member to pass away since my Dad's death, 12 years ago. Even though I knew she was very sick, I always thought she would be around for longer and I wasn't ready for her to go so soon. I'm always going to miss her but I know she is rejoicing in heaven; pain free and happy and I will see her and my Dad and all those who went on before me when my life is over.

I will always remember, love and miss her. She touched my life and I will hold her memory in a special place in my heart. But, I cannot express how happy I am that I have beautiful photographs of her. As much as a memory in our hearts is precious, a photograph is just as precious. And that's why I do what I do. Why photography is so important to me. Because I feel that the most important part of life are those we love and how important is it to have a memory of those loved ones when the leave us? I am so glad I have this beautiful photo and others of my Aunt Jennie; I loved her very much and this photo of her looking happy and beautiful is going to be displayed in a special place in my house!

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