Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Remodel: Update

We are remodeling our house! I've spent a long time thinking about changes I want to make and now it is actually happening. It's frustrating, stressful and exhausting but I am so excited! I can't wait to see the end results but I'm trying to enjoy the process!

We had planned some updates for our house at the beginning of the year but other priorities, like training for marathons, kept us busy and it just seemed to get pushed aside. We had finally started moving forward with plans when out of nowhere the unexpected happened and a pipe burst under our kitchen sink and flooded our house! Luckily, we weren't out of town and we were able to get the 3-4" of water out of our house pretty quickly, but despite that the majority of our flooring was ruined so the scope of the remodel project grew and changed. 

Right now we're in the first phase of the remodel. Removed wallpaper from the kitchen and bathroom, painted primer in the bathroom and removed baseboards and carpet tack strips throughout the house. And the big one: I've picked out and planned the paint colors for the house. The next couple days will be spent prepping the house for paint: texturing walls, taping and caulking and then finally PAINTING the house! I am so excited for the new colors. I know it will be so much work but I am looking forward to the end result.

Last week in a discouraged moment I was convinced to paint the fireplace. It was an easy task to paint and it made a huge difference in my moral and in the room! I love the white and the black mantle just tied it all together! I'm so happy about it!

Once the painting is complete we will be eagerly looking forward to next week when the remaining flooring in our house (tile and wood) will be removed and our beautiful new wood floors will be installed! I know this is going to make a huge difference in the livability factor in our house. Remodels are not fun for general living but I know it will be so much better soon!

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  1. The rustic bathroom and the stationary bike are my favorite. Those two things really make the house I think.